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CoronaFishingOpener Update!

April 17, 2020

Lake Vermilion

Hello from Lake Vermilion! As this is written, there is snow under the pine trees, ice still covers our Lake shore to shore, and these are strange times courtesy of a worldwide pandemic. Grubens will be open this year, with some things the same, and some things necessarily different. Safety comes first, for you and for us. We are adapting as we go and look forward to seeing you!

· We will be open effective Thursday May 7, with hours 9am to 5pm daily, closed Sundays.

· Social distancing is a requirement. Masks are fashionable. If you have symptoms, seek care.

· The stores will be a we-will-get-it-for-you process, one at a time: thanks for your patience! Please limit your time at check-out. We also cannot accept product returns at this time.

· Please request boat launch service in advance, lest the boat not be ready. For the first voyage of the season call 10-14 days in advance. Thereafter, please try to call 3 days prior.

· We prefer credit cards, as cash can carry the virus. However, we must add 3.99% (or $1.00 under a $5 sale) to cover the service fees. Or, you can buy a Grubens plastic gift card!

· Parking passes are limited to one car per boat this year unless other arrangements apply.

· Fuel is a pay-at-the-dock process; please call 218-753-5000 about ten minutes before arrival.

· Please comply with signage for boat docking and assignments, and see us for upgrades.

· Cabins automatically have dockage for one boat , and extra cleaning procedures are in place.

· If you ship us packages or mail, convenience fees apply due to new handling procedures.

We are adjusting as we go due to the pandemic. We appreciate your patience. Call us at 218-753-5000 for inquiries and service requests. Thank you for your business and support!

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